Testing our boundaries

Project Overland - the trip

We travel somewhere (at least once) every year, however Project Overland "the trip" is due to take place in the Summer of 2020 and will see a four vehicle convoy made up mostly of beginner travellers/adventurers, explore from the United Kingdom across Eastern Europe.

Visiting untouched and unexplored regions as well as important historical sites.

Project Overland - Media

Part of the project will involve the planning, preparation, production and execution of rich media content including VLOG and documentary footage as part of a LEARNING EXPERIENCE for those taking part in the expedition.

Over the next few months we will start to add our own content to this site and also provide links to some of our favourite online media sources.

Some of the production crew are students at college and university.

Project Overland - Learning

Members of the Project will learn and experience:

  • Project organisation, planning and preparation
  • The "parliament method" of management
  • Off Road Driving
  • Field Mechanics
  • MIRA (medical in remote areas)
  • Field Cooking
  • Camping and extra-urban survival
  • Situational Awareness
  • Conflict Avoidance and Resolution

Project Overland News


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