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“Lucille” is a partly-completed custom build designed for expeditions and overlanding. She has already been over much of Western Europe including the Alps and the Dalmatian coast – France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia. Lucille is currently being prepared for a 30 day mission taking a

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Luke Stratta

  Expedition Primary Role: Director Production Primary Role: Assistant Producer Expedition Secondary Role: Driver Production Secondary Role: Primary Camera Luke is a commercial photographer, based in Devon, UK.

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Nik Hammond

Expedition Primary Role: Project Leader Production Primary Role: Assistant Producer Expedition Secondary Role: Navigator Production Secondary Role: B-Roll Footage A former Non Commissioned Officer in the British Army and a military contractor/consultant, Nik has been part of and /or planned and executed expeditions and travel all across

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Raised Air Intake

A raised air intake (RAI) sometimes called a snorkel allows air to reach the major components of our vehicles like the air box, intake and exhaust portals – anything that requires air to function or vents out. The primary aim is not in fact to assist wading but

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Xanadoo Boot Basket

The Xanadoo Boot Basket offers a convenient, secure and sturdy metal tray that allows you to pack your Land Rover Discovery in confidence. We have two xanadoo boot baskets and Lucille can also be seen sporting one of these baskets at many of the Land Rover and

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